Smartabase helps data-driven military and sports organizations optimize human performance and reduce injury by enabling better decision-making.

Smartabase is now part of Teamworks

The premier human performance optimization platform unites with the leading operating system for elite performance.

The Smartabase Difference

Smartabase, the premier human performance optimization platform for elite sports teams and military organizations, helps organizations win by having players and service members available and ready to perform at their best.

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Build to Suit Your Needs

Enjoy maximum flexibility with our infinitely configurable platform.

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Enable Communication

Share information quickly and deliver timely notifications to provide the best care.


Centralize Your Data

Efficiently get all your data from any source into one place.

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Drive Engagement

Make compliance fast, easy, and meaningful.

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Visualize Your Metrics

Create custom dashboards for a holistic view of your athletes and service members.


Improve Accountability

Understand what resources are being used and what’s working (or not).

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Committed to Your Success

Be confident in your human performance optimization software and the people who stand behind it. With ten years of experience working with more than 300 organizations globally, we’ve had more successful implementations than any of our competitors. Learn more about the support and services provided by Smartabase. 

Those Who Adapt, Win.

As a pioneer in human performance analytics, Smartabase is the most adaptable platform, bringing a constellation of performance and health data points together in a single system. Our infinitely-configurable software is designed to help harness the latest human performance technology and science to uncover new insights, test new theories, and implement new models of injury prevention and performance optimization.

Integrate Your Systems

With the widest range of pre-built integrations, a mature API, and the ability to import anything, Smartabase provides the easiest way to aggregate your performance, health, and medical data.
Smartabase Ecosystem

What Our Clients Say

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