Assisting the NBA with a safer season restart

With the NBA planning to resume its 2020 season on July 30, the league has set up a ‘bubble’ at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando to host the new season. As part of the COVID-19 protocols, the NBA requires all players, coaches, staff and journalists to utilise a range of technologies for monitoring their health and reporting potential symptoms.

Fusion Sport are proud to support this project and assist the 2020 NBA Season Restart in Orlando through Smartabase and a custom developed Smartabase Athlete app, the ‘NBA MyHealth’ app. 

In this USA TODAY article journalist Mark Medina shares how the NBA are using technology to assist them in managing COVID-19.

“They login to the NBA’s MyHealth app that they downloaded on their phone shortly after arriving. They complete a symptom questionnaire detailing any ailments, including cough, breathing issues, fever, body aches, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, congestion or runny nose. They hold Kinsa, a Bluetooth-enabled smart thermometer, under their tongue for about eight seconds. Once the device beeps, they log their temperature into the app. They insert one of their fingers into Masimo, a pulse oximeter that measures oxygen levels.”

In reference specifically to Fusion Sport and Smartabase Mark shares this:

“The NBA has used the technology by partnering with Fusion Sport, which has usually worked with professional sports teams, colleges, military branches and private companies to compile and analyze data involving human performance and business trends.”

“Fusion Sport has recently worked with organizations, including the NBA, to help analyze the data regarding every employee’s wellness, symptoms and test results.”

“So when each player, coach, staff member and reporter fills out their symptom questionnaire, temperature and oxygen levels, they are not just logging the information so they can learn about their health status. The NBA and health officials will quickly learn, too.”

The Fusion Sport team continue to collaborate with the NBA and its technology partners on this project, and look forward to seeing the games commence, safely, on July 30th.

Read the full USA Today article by Mark Medina “How NBA is using technology to help with health and safety protocols inside Orlando bubble”.

Find more information on the Fusion Sport COVID-19 solution here or contact our team now for a demo of the solution to see how it can be configured to suit the needs of your organization, now and into the future as we adjust to the constantly changing dynamics of a COVID-19 world.

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