Integrating Performance and Medical Systems for the MLB

Fusion Sport have recently developed a direct connection between Performance Data Management platform Smartabase and the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system AthleteRMS – the league wide EMR for the MLB.

The new connection will ensure that teams within the MLB using the Smartabase Human Performance Platform, including the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox, will now be able to automate the pull of injury data from their electronic medical records into their performance platform.

Combining injury data with performance data in the one centralized system allows for a deeper analysis of athlete readiness, where staff can use all their available data to inform assessments such as injury risk and load management.

Fusion Sport also have extensive experience in managing medical records and injury risk through Smartabase, integrating and often replacing existing EMR/EHR systems for hundreds of teams across various sports and Olympic teams globally.

Fusion Sport CEO and Co-Founder Dr Markus Deutsch says that Smartabase has the required security and configurability to hold and analyze medical records, or to integrate with systems like AthleteRMS.

“We have an open philosophy at Fusion Sport. We do replace systems where it fits, but we also try to work with the systems that organizations and leagues already have in place, as in this case with the MLB and their existing league-wide EMR.”

“The key for this integration is that it now creates one centralized location to explore data from every aspect of the athlete health and wellness environment in Smartabase, but teams can still maintain compliance by storing medical information in the league-wide reporting system being AthleteRMS.”


Dr Deutsch does however point out a key difference between using these adapted hospital system EMRs and using a configurable health and performance platform like Smartabase.

“EMRs adapted from hospital systems are created to handle injuries after they occur. Smartabase is designed to manage all aspects of the athletic trainer’s role – from injury and illness prevention, wellness monitoring and creating prescriptions through to the documenting, diagnosing and treating of injuries when they occur.”

The other key difference in having one centralized system is the emphasis it puts on communication and a cohesive team environment by facilitating the sharing of information and encouraging collaboration between departments.

“On the AMS side of things the athlete’s availability and injury information is included in automated reporting and fed through to coaches in real time, but at the same time ATs and doctors maintain the power to choose who sees this sensitive information, and in what level of detail.”

“We’ve developed our workflows through years of working directly with Athletic Trainers and sports medicine staff across the globe, configuring holistic solutions suited to the specific needs of the organization and their athletes.”

Elite organizations currently using Smartabase as their one central system for both performance optimization and medical reporting include the US Ski & Snowboard Association, the University of Texas and Oregon University.

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Squard Availability

Injury Surveillance

Medical Team


Smartabase is a highly configurable performance analytics platform and data management system. Smartabase can be deployed to capture and analyze any type of data and then automate the analysis, reporting and sharing of that data. The platform provides a central hub for managing human performance data and automating a range of reporting and alerting features. It also offers powerful integration features to assist with the aggregation of data from hundreds of different technology products and systems.

Core features:

•Collect and store ALL your athlete data from various technologies and platforms (fitness trackers and wearables, game statistics, medical records, video, S&C platforms etc.)
•Automate complex data analytics workflows directly within the platform such as risk assessment and performance optimization
•Automate reporting for coaches, team managers, performance staff and front office teams
•Assist ATs to manage all aspects of athlete wellness, implement prevention initiatives, manage injuries and assist with return to play
•Enable S&C coaches to monitor, schedule and manage training and return to play programs
•Provide coaches with a holistic view of athlete performance, availability and readiness – in real time, at any time.

Find more information on Smartabase here or contact us now to book in a demo with our team.


Fusion Sport is the global leader in human performance software. With a commitment to engineering excellence and a passion for human performance, the Fusion Sport team are recognized globally for their innovation in performance technologies. Our customers include national sporting federations, Olympic committees, many of the world’s highest profile sporting teams, research and operational wings of military organizations and performing arts organizations.

Our flagship product Smartabase is a highly configurable, scalable and flexible data analytics platform, and our clients are supported by our team of highly regarded Sport Science consultants across the globe. We are driven by an uncompromising passion for delivering the best product in the market and for helping our customers around the world optimize human performance and health.

Founded in Australia, Fusion Sport is a global organization with offices in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

Contact us now to find a solution for your data management and performance programs.

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