Smartabase: Combine your AMS and Electronic Medical Records

Human Performance Platform Smartabase can be configured as an Electronic Medical Records system as well as an Athlete Management System, centralizing all your health, performance and medical data in the one place.

In many leagues and conferences across professional and college sport it is common that sports medicine departments are required to have an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to securely store medical information.

It would make sense then to adopt a flexible EMR that can double as your Athlete Management System (AMS).

Find out why so many teams across the college, olympic, professional and extreme sports industries are switching from a traditional EMR system to adopt a hybrid AMS/EMR with Smartabase in the blog below, or contact us now for a one-on-one online demonstration.

What is the advantage of utilizing the same platform for athlete data, performance optimization and electronic medical records?

Many of the current EMR systems in use, particularly in the US, are actually adapted hospital systems, meaning they were not built to monitor or prevent injury and illness, but to deal with it once it happens. In contrast Smartabase was developed to paint a holistic picture of athlete health, injuries and performance across all departments, enabling staff to be better informed from one central platform.

Combining injury data with performance data in the one centralized platform allows for a deeper analysis of athlete readiness, where staff can use all their available data to inform assessments such as injury risk and load management.

On the AMS side of things the athlete’s availability and injury information is included in automated reporting and fed through to coaches in real time, but at the same time Athletic Trainers and Doctors maintain the power to mediate any sensitive information, and adjust the level of detail available. For example, athlete availability status could easily be shared across departments, whereas the underlying issues that led to it remain confidential.

Using Smartabase as your EMR means you can have all your athlete health, medical and performance data in one place so you can:

•Facilitate communication and information sharing between departments more easily
•Streamline data entry and reporting processes
•Avoid double entry of data into two systems (EMR/EHR + AMS)
•Receive up to date health information from your athletes daily via questionnaires or monitoring devices – information that can be utilized by all departments as needed
•Be flexible within the system to cater for your organization’s exact requirements and changes as needed
•Fusion Sport have extensive experience in managing medical records and injury risk through Smartabase, integrating and often replacing existing EMR/EHR systems for hundreds of teams across various sports and Olympic teams globally.

For more information or a demonstration, contact us now.

What’s the difference between hospital-based Electronic Medical Records Systems and Smartabase?

Having one centralized system puts more emphasis on communication and a cohesive team environment by facilitating the sharing of information and encouraging collaboration between departments, as well as the key difference:

EMRs adapted from hospital systems are created to handle injuries after they occur. Smartabase is designed to manage all aspects of the sports medicine role – from injury and illness prevention, wellness monitoring and creating prescriptions through to the documenting, diagnosing and treating of injuries when they occur. Further to this, Smartabase allows you to track an athlete’s return to play using all available data (ie GPS) and information in the one platform.

Based on discussions we’ve had with a multitude of different industries, these are some of the problems encountered by teams stuck using hospital EMR systems and how Smartabase is able to solve them:

Problem: Limited/no reporting capabilities.

Solution: Smartabase enables you to utilize and report on any kinds of data pulled into the system, from injury surveillance/auditing to the number of appointments booked with athletic trainers. All your data can easily be visualized in interactive reporting dashboards that can be easily adjusted at any time.

Problem: No customization and extremely long wait times for changes to functionality. These hospital systems are hard coded and the companies who own/develop them are often dealing with much larger medical practices/hospitals so the smaller sporting platform is not a key client for them.

Solution: Smartabase is completely configurable, from the way you log information and analyze data to the way you report on and visualize it. If you’re having trouble changing something, our Sport Science Consultants are available to make the changes live to workflows, dashboards or data calculations.

Problem: Too many clicks to log injuries.

Solution: Smartabase enables you to log an injury in two clicks, from logging into your platform to selecting “Enter Data”. When setting up your Smartabase platform you can use our best practice templates to log injuries, customize the templates to suit or design the entire workflow yourself from scratch. It’s up to you.

Problem: Some EMRs are only for logging information and provide no linking capabilities between recurring injuries/treatments (the mapping ability is limited).

Solution: Smartabase is fully interactive with the ability to link injuries to any data point throughout the platform, for example link injuries to rehabilitation plans, coaching reports. From a macro level will group injuries together for reporting to assist with injury surveillance and injury prevention programs.

Problem: Data cannot be pushed over to other departments such as strength and conditioning and coaching. Often if things are logged in a locked down EMR environment, non-sensitive information that should be shared across departments would then require double entry or manual work from practitioners in order to do so.

Solution: Smartabase enables practitioners and medical teams to log detailed notes then provide a simple status on injury/ availability that can be instantly viewed within coaching reports. Those with the correct permissions will then be able to click through from these reports and statuses to access more detailed non-sensitive information in the athlete’s profile.

Problem: Sharing/exporting the data is impossible with some EMRs, and EMR companies are hard to work with due to the lack of support/resources allocated by these hospital EMRs for such a small market compared to their key clients (hospitals).

Solution: Smartabase will enable those with the right permissions to export out various data sets whenever needed, for example to facilitate further more complex analysis in statistical programs.

What could a Smartabase EMR + AMS look like for your College or Organization?


A coaches reporting dashboard will update in real time based on any updates by the medical department in respect to an athlete’s injury and availability information. The coach will then know at any time which athletes are available, who they need to work with further and who will not be available for upcoming competition. In addition, coaches can be set up to get notifications (email, text, push notification) in real time when an athlete’s availability is updated.

Squad Availability


Athletic Trainers can take notes on athlete injuries and consultations that will automatically log to an athletes profile. Relevant information can then be accessed by Strength and Conditioning coaches with permission to assist them informing programs and rehabilitation.


During consultations medical teams can see a holistic picture of an athlete’s health, sleep, training schedule and perceived wellness/stress in order to deliver a more tailored solution to illness or concerns.


ATCs, S&C and coaches can get a clear picture of all of the teams injury history over time (what injuries are most common, when, with which types of players, how heavy was the game/training load at that time) to assist them in devising holistic programs to avoid and prevent injury in future.

Fusion Sport have developed workflows such as the above through years of working directly with Athletic Trainers and sports medicine staff across the globe, configuring holistic solutions suited to the specific needs of the organization and their athletes. The Smartabase system can be provided to you with templated, best practice workflows that can be configured as you go, or completely built from scratch to suit your specific organizational needs.

For more information and to view our best practice EMR in a demonstration simply contact our team to book in a meeting.

To assist you in visualizing the flexibility of a Smartabase EMR/AMS check out the below case studies:

University of Texas

Northwestern University

US Ski & Snowboard

The Royal Ballet

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