Strategies for getting your AMS into a Stretched Budget

Times are tough and budgets are tighter, but you’ve still got a job to do and you need the right tools to help you do it. So with a tight or even frozen budget, how can you get the money for that Athlete Management System you’ve been using for years or looking at purchasing? In this blog post we outline some of the ways our clients have pivoted to either keep or implement a new AMS during these unprecedented times.

1. Medical, Health and COVID-19 Budgets

A lot of Colleges and Sports Teams around the world have had their budgets frozen or cut as money is redirected into health and safety. More specifically, money is being redirected into a NEW budget to develop solutions to manage COVID-19.

As the Smartabase Human Performance platform is already in use as a comprehensive COVID-19 monitoring and reporting solution, this could actually be good news for athletic and performance departments looking for a solution for immediate use, that they can also adopt as an Athlete Management System for the long term.

Fusion Sport have developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Solution within Smartabase and the Smartabase app. The technology can assist with symptom reporting, health monitoring and more for both athletes and staff, meaning Smartabase could actually be funded with your health and safety budget, NOT by your athletics, equipment or performance budget.

Hundreds of organizations around the globe, including the US Soccer team, US Ski & Snowboard and Colleges such as West Virginia University, UC San Diego, University of Cincinnati and even military groups have been utilizing the platform for months.

In fact, a group of Smartabase clients recently published a research paper detailing a practical solution for the implementation of COVID-19 monitoring through Smartabase, which you can read about and access here.

For some clients, using Smartabase as a COVID-19 screening solution became central to their adoption of the platform, knowing they would then also be able to utilize it for ongoing health monitoring and performance management for athletes. If your organization has a COVID-19 budget, taking this approach is a great way to solve several problems at once.

Take a look at our recent webinar for the NACDA looking at how Colleges are utilizing Smartabase for the Return to Play during COVID-19 and beyond.

2. Bundle new technology purchases into stadium build-outs and upgrades

Whilst budgets may be tight, a lot of stadiums and organisations are actually using this time to upgrade their facilities while there are fewer people around or stadiums are not in use.

If your College or Team are looking at upgrading their facilities or even building a brand new stadium then they would have already budgeted a lot for the projects some time ago, possibly even millions like Clemson University and The University of Alabama.

With big upgrade budgets like that, this is the ideal time to also upgrade your sports technologies and systems.

When you take into account million-dollar renovations, the addition of game-changing performance technology would be a very inconspicuous line item compared to spending hundreds of thousands on new gym equipment, locker rooms and game day facilities.

If you’ve had an AMS in your sights but don’t have the budget in your department right now BUT you know there’s a renovation in the works, this is the ideal strategy for you.

Fusion Sport have helped clients bundle the cost of Smartabase into their facilities upgrade budget.  Speak to the project manager and your Athletics Department to see if you can do the same.

3. The True Cost of Manual Data Management

A lot of coaches and athletics staff are experts when it comes to using programs like excel or even utilizing S&C platforms like TeamBuildr, TrainHeroic, Volt and Bridge Athletics – which we love. But with the multitude of information that contributes to performance and the stacks of data you may be getting from new wearables and technologies, you’re probably starting to feel overwhelmed.

Chances are you and your team end up spending hours each week trying to wrangle and combine that data into something manageable; including long hours late at night and early in the morning just to produce an athlete availability report for your coaches.

New call-to-action

An athlete management system at its core should be massively cutting down on the time you spend working on your data, because your AMS should really be collecting, analysing and reporting on your data for you – automatically.

Your AMS should be freeing you from the majority of data administration, and producing reports that can be updated, delivered and acted on in real time as the data continues to seamlessly flow into the system.

When you consider the amount of time and manual labor that goes into managing data ‘the old way’ and translate that into a monetary figure – your new AMS has probably already paid for itself twice over. Visualize this for management and you’ll probably have more luck than leading with ‘centralized athlete data aggregation tool with advanced analytics capabilities to enhance athlete health and performance’.

Along the same lines, Smartabase has also been able to prove a return on investment through:

Tracking staff resources used, such as how many times players visit physical therapists and nutritionists, or use certain facilities

Providing comprehensive injury surveillance that enables staff to create injury risk protocols. This has been proven to reduce injuries, thus reducing medical costs and time loss due to injury.

Promoting proactive management of player or soldier health, leading to longer careers and less money spent training new recruits - "prolonging the lifetime value of your assets".

For assistance on how you could visualize and translate this message for your management team, including using case studies from our existing clients, speak to one of our consultants today.

Check out this clip from our clients at Australian Sailing who have saved hours each week thanks to automated data analysis and reporting in Smartabase. Access the full webinar here.

Click here for more on COVID-19 Monitoring in Smartabase.

For more information on any of the above or for a demonstration of the Smartabase Athlete Management System contact the Fusion Sport team. We also have an exclusive offer for Colleges and flexible options for Teams and Organisations who are looking for an innovative data management solution at this time.


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