WVU Mountaineers Using Smartabase for Safer Return to Training

Technology company Fusion Sport are playing an integral role in the return to training for West Virginia University football using monitoring platform Smartabase.

Already used in a wider program for health and performance at the College and by teams in the NBA, NFL and NHL, Smartabase has been assisting the WVU football department roll out comprehensive illness surveillance programs during Covid-19.

Utilizing the Smartabase Athlete App student athletes fill out wellness forms remotely each morning to report on general wellness and symptoms, which also generates instant feedback and recommendations in the app.

The Smartabase system monitors all check ins, and alerts can be triggered for staff to follow up if certain symptoms are reported or if athletes miss a check in.

A second wellness check in at the facility itself utilizes Smartabase via an iPad ‘Kiosk’ to monitor athletes and staff as they enter facilities and to record any testing results as needed

These Covid-19 surveillance measures have been a quick pivot for staff and players given they are already familiar with the platform and a ‘daily check in’ thanks to WVU’s existing health and performance program.

The comprehensive wellness program centralizes data into Smartabase from strength and conditioning, athletic training, nutrition, medical and performance departments, providing a more holistic view of athlete health and performance.

Since the WHO announced the Global Coronavirus pandemic in March Fusion Sport have been working with numerous clients and organizations across the world, including a US Sports league, to rapidly implement similar illness screening and remote monitoring measures.

“Until a vaccine is launched, we all face the challenge of returning to work and play safely. From Collegiate sporting programs to Naval Warships, the key will be to monitor health vigilantly and be able to respond quickly to increased risk. Technology must step up and play a key role in that return.” said Dr Deutsch

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Key aspects of the program:

•All players are required to check in each morning on general wellness and any specific symptoms they may be experiencing via the Smartabase Athlete App.
•Athletes get instant feedback and recommendations from their app if they do happen to report symptoms.
•Health information is compiled in Dashboard Reports in Smartabase, where certain symptoms or combination of symptoms will trigger alerts to staff in real time to assess next steps and reach out to athletes.
•Smartabase helps staff facilitate on site Covid-19 testing, with test results put into the system. Having a central system helps to monitor check in and testing compliance.
•At the facilities themselves Smartabase is loaded on iPad ‘Kiosks’ to facilitate further check-ins. •This helps to facilitate contact tracing in the event of illness.

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