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Smartabase Athlete Monitoring

Infinitely Configurable

Because Human Performance is a moving target, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Other companies claim their platforms can be configured to suit your needs, but you’ll quickly find out that important functionality is hard-coded and not easily changed. 

In contrast, Smartabase is built on an infinitely configurable framework that empowers you to create an adaptable solution that supports your unique strategy, processes, and culture. This allows you to continuously leverage the latest science and technology to improve athlete performance and service member combat readiness.

The Smartabase Configuration Toolkit

Our configuration toolkit allows you to change your solution at any time from anywhere in the world. What’s more, you can use the dashboard builder to explore your data without affecting your data-capture processes or manipulating vital data. Build your site and mobile application with your organization’s logos, colors, and backgrounds.


Build Custom Forms

Choose from more than 70 different types of questions and calculations to build forms that capture the exact data you need.

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Aggregate All Your Data

Regardless of source, Smartabase centralizes all of your data including training load, performance stats, medical information, and more. See Smartabase’s integrations.​

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Design Your Own Workflows

Medical, strength & conditioning, compliance workflows – create a user experience that supports your unique processes.

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Personalize Dashboards

Easily create role- or group-specific dashboards to present your data visually to those who need it, when they need it.

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Make Your Data Mobile

Configure your own mobile application for athletes or other staff by enabling any of your forms on our iOS and Android mobile apps. Learn more about the Smartabase mobile apps.

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Automate Communication

Set up your own alerts via push notifications or email to any user based on your defined criteria.​​ Configure automated communications to give athletes real-time feedback.

The Future is No Code

Gartner estimated that by 2024 over 65% of the world’s applications will be built using No Code platforms. Smartabase was the first No Code athlete management system in the world and is still the only No Code platform built specifically for human performance optimization.

Smartabase Dashboard Builder
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