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Our Mission

Born in the world of elite sport, the human optimization movement will affect all walks of life. We support the leaders and change agents of this industry to drive it forward, using a combination of technology, expertise, and community. We drive better decision-making, through the integration, enrichment, analysis, and communication of multi-domain human performance data. We improve the lives of millions of people at work and at play, and in doing so are building a great company with the resources, adaptability, and resilience to genuinely change the world.

Why Work at Smartabase?

Meaningful work, constant learning, smart people, and a close-knit community guided by core values. Want to join the team? View our job openings below or learn more about Smartabase, the most trusted human performance platform in the industry.



At Smartabase, our pathway to success is through teamwork. Time and time again, we have beaten the odds and delivered outstanding results, all while under immense pressure. This proven ability to come together, to have the sum be greater than the parts, is underpinned by a desire to approach problems as opportunities, not things to be avoided.


The decisions and promises we make to each other and our clients are based on a foundation of honesty and a desire to make a positive impact in the world. We hold a deep sense of accountability for what we say we will do, and will only promise what we are fully committed to delivering – using all the effort and resources in our power to get it done.

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Smartabase is a family and a family is built on trust. No matter what, we are here to support and protect our people to the core. We commit to always protecting our staff and ensuring the workplace is a safe place where every person is supported to do their best work. We strive for trust to flow through everything we do, both inside and outside. Our customers trust us to support them and to do our best, and this trust is what separates us from the pack.


Strap yourself in and “Buckle Up!” – green means GO! Smartabase is in the driver’s seat of the Human Performance Optimization movement, and it is through our ambition and tenacity that we will realize how far we can push it forward. Our vision isn’t a specific future state or finish line, it’s about always looking forward, breaking through perceived limits, and continually striving to be better.

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Job Openings

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