Military and elite sports organizations around the globe are making more and more investments in human performance optimization programs including practitioners, facilities, technology, and data. To help performance professionals turn data into action and outcomes, we’ve created the Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Battle Cards

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What Are HPO Battle Cards?

A HPO Battle Card is a visual aid to help you effectively use data and analytics to tackle a common human performance problem.

Each card represents a particular use case for a given role, such as an athlete, service member, performance practitioner, or tactical leader, and steps through the data required, insights uncovered, actions to take, and outcomes to expect

The cards can be used by human performance leaders to better support strategic planning, education and training, communication of program impacts, and integration of new tech.

And if you don’t see the card you need, we’ve included a template for you to build your own cards.

HPO Battle Cards - Sports
HPO Battle Cards

Featured Use Cases

Sports Cards

  • Engage & Educate Athletes
  • Remote Training
  • Athlete Communications
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Increase Availability
  • Optimize Performance
  • Increase & Extend Impact
  • Demonstrate ROI
  • Talent Identification
  • Player Development
  • Team Strategy Optimization
  • Build a Winning Team

Military Cards

  • Engaging Service Members
  • Improving Capabilities & Lethality
  • Self-Select Training Plans
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Impact More Service Members
  • Deliver Timely Feedback
  • Improve Training Production
  • Reduce Lost Duty Days
  • Reduce Attrition
  • Targeting Tactical Deficiencies
  • Assess Skills & Qualification Landscape
  • Determine ROI of HP Programs

Creating the HPO Battle Cards

Our work with sports and military organizations around the globe has helped us develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges human performance leaders face. In collaboration with our clients, we’ve developed workflows within Smartabase to support talent identification, athlete and service member development, load management, injury risk profiling, return to play/duty, and much more. These battle cards represent the distillation of some of that knowledge.

HPO Battle Card Miro Board

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HPO Battle Cards - Sports
Human Performance Battle Cards

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