BROOMFIELD, Colo. – (October 11, 2022)  Smartabase, an established global leader in tracking, analyzing and optimizing human performance, announced its purpose-built human performance optimization (HPO) solution for the military at the 2022 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C.

The Smartabase Military HPO Solution was driven by the needs of leading military organizations like U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), who began using the platform in 2019 to support operators and families via the Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF) program. In addition to USSOCOM, U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command, Naval Health Research Center, School of Infantry – East, Canadian Special Operations Forces, and the Australian Defence Force, use Smartabase as the hub of their human performance technology system.

“The Smartabase Military HPO Solution reflects our commitment to serving the unique needs of our military clients,” said Dave Grant, Chief Commercial Officer at Smartabase. “Meeting the stringent security requirements is critical, but it also needs to support human performance on a massive, global scale and under extreme and remote conditions. Environments that human performance platforms for elite sports simply don’t have to deal with.”

The U.S. Department of Defense’s 2020 Health of the Force Report estimated that a 1% reduction of non-available rates would save more than $40 million. This is one reason why the importance of and investments in human performance programs in the military have increased exponentially over the last decade. Military organizations around the world continue to build and evolve their human performance teams, facilities, and tech infrastructure to increase the readiness and lethality of their force and decrease service member injuries.

With these significant investments comes the need for accountability. “Human performance leaders must show, not just to their superiors but to Congress, that the dollars being spent on these programs are having a measurable impact. And they’ve been able to do that, with the help of Smartabase,” said Grant. “Some of the groups we’ve worked with have reduced avoidable injuries by 31% and decreased sit days by 27%. They’ve also seen an incredible $79 million savings by successfully rehabbing service members from injury and another $14 million savings on the cost of attrition.”

At the heart of the Smartabase Military HPO Solution is the new Clearinghouse that will allow military clients to securely capture data from consumer wearables like Oura, Polar, and Garmin. Hosted by AWS GovCloud and NIPRNet, the Clearinghouse will safely and anonymously pass human performance data from commercial networks to military networks and is designed to operate simultaneously at the U.S. Department of Defense Impact Level 2 (IL2) and Impact Level 5 (IL5).

Security and scalability are also essential features of Smartabase which currently operates under an Authority to Operate (ATO) at IL5. With SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701 certifications, HIPPA compliance, and more, Smartabase meets the data privacy and security standards required to support the military’s performance programs. Its enterprise-grade architecture and robust user permission controls allow the military to operate at scale and ensure sensitive data is shared in a timely manner with authorized personnel, where and when they need it.

The HPO Military Solution also benefits from the core features of Smartabase that have been refined over the last decade from its use in elite sports and research environments. Its configuration tools and Dashboard builder allows the military to customize forms, calculations, flags, dashboards, and notifications to suit specific roles, groups, mission, and success criteria.

Those not yet familiar with Smartabase will be able to experience the platform for themselves at this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition. Smartabase has partnered with BeaverFit to host a training and technology showcase to simulate a military physical assessment. During the showcase, individuals will train on BeaverFit’s equipment, and their data will be seamlessly captured in Smartabase for immediate analysis and reporting, demonstrating how Smartabase vastly increases the efficiency of physical and tactical assessments conducted on a large scale. The company’s staff will also be available at the Human Performance Pavilion (booth #2639) and for one-on-one meetings with attendees and media who want to learn why Smartabase is the trusted human performance optimization platform for military organizations around the world.

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