Sports tech innovator Fusion Sport helping pro sports teams to accelerate performance

Global leader in human performance management software, Fusion Sport, is proving to be the secret weapon assisting the success of many pro sports teams including NBA team the Denver Nuggets.

Originally founded in Australia and now headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Fusion Sport is well and truly an integral part of America’s sporting landscape.  Fusion Sport has experienced strong demand for their athlete management technology Smartabase over the past few years with several high-profile teams across the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB adopting the platform to monitor and optimize player health, performance and fitness.

Fusion Sport’s flagship product Smartabase has proven so successful in optimizing performance for elite sporting teams, Olympic teams and national organizations, that its customer base now extends to military organizations including the US Military, Air Force and Marine Corps and the Naval Research Center.

The highly customizable sports analytics software platform was implemented by the Denver Nuggets two seasons ago and has significantly enhanced the team’s ability to manage all aspects of their performance.

“Through these two seasons we have found that the centralized data location for performance and sports science staff has been crucial for communication and progression.   This is currently utilized by our entire high performance unit including physical therapists, strength coaches and athletic trainers,” Dr. Matthew Tuttle, Physical Therapist for the Denver Nuggets, said today.

Denver Nuggets fans are extremely impressed with the team’s results over the past few years.   In 2016/17, the Nuggets finished up ninth on the table in the Western Conference.   This season they are currently second and are continuing to progress towards the finals.

“The Fusion Sport Smartabase software has allowed us to build a system that fits our beliefs and current understanding of the evidence in sports medicine, science and performance.  We have found the software to be adaptable to our needs and allows us the ability to change with the research and demands across the course of the season,” Dr. Tuttle added.

Fusion Sport founder and global chief executive officer Dr. Markus Deutsch, a world-renowned human performance specialist and sports scientist, today said he is “extremely proud to see teams like the Nuggets do so well since implementing Smartabase.

“Smartabase gives organizations the ability to see into every aspect of their team’s performance and operations, from physical performance through to nutrition, game planning, injury management and player selection.  Anything that can be captured is tracked and managed – enabling the most informed insightful and clear decision making possible.”

“We believe that the utilization of data in sports performance is crucial to our decision making.  We have been able to more easily create actionable data for decisions regarding rehabilitation, training, performance and travel,” Dr. Tuttle added.

The company’s recent investment in new headquarters in Boulder is set to strengthen Fusion Sport’s presence in the US market across the elite sport, tactical and human performance sectors.  Dr. Deutsch’s passion and knowledge of sport is evident and is assisting Fusion Sport to expand the roll out of its products in particular the highly flexible and customizable human performance platform Smartabase.

2019 has already seen Fusion Sport triple their US based staff count, and the company is on track to achieve a record year of growth and revenue globally.

“It is a really exciting phase for our growing US team, and we aim to become the major center for Fusion Sport’s global network over the next three years – not only in sport but also in the military and performing arts markets,” Dr. Deutsch said.

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