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The Benefits to Your Team

Customize to fit your specific organizational structure, sport- and team-specific workflows, and medical and performance needs.

Automate repetitive tasks and amplify your staff’s effectiveness by focusing time and energy on the things that drive student-athlete outcomes.

Break down information and communication silos to help deliver the best support to your coaches and care to your student-athletes.

Scale for Your Organization

Configure Smartabase to fit your unique structure and individual sport or team processes including load management, session planning, injury risk management, and player availability. Create an adaptable, centralized solution for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build your own.

Create the structure that best suits your athletic department and customize the experience for each sport and team. Easily control who has access to what.

Smartabase can serve as your Athlete Management System (AMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system – supporting your medical and performance staff in a single, centralized solution.

Allow each of your teams to work the way they want to with flexible workflows that automate your data management processes from end to end.

When staff transitions inevitably happen, be confident your data and technology solution isn’t walking out the door.

Smartabase Athlete Management System

Save Time

Allow your performance and medical staff to spend more time working with athletes by automating repetitive tasks and daily administrative routines. 


Robust Integration

Easily centralize data from third-party devices, wearables, apps, and other data management systems such as Datalys Center’s NCAA Injury Surveillance Program.


Custom Forms

Streamline data capture from screenings, athlete questionnaires, performance interventions, and more using custom and mobile-friendly digital forms.

Dashboard Large

In-system Reporting

Quickly analyze and present all your data directly in Smartabase. For more sophisticated modeling and analysis, easily integrate with your preferred analytics tools.

Enable Collaboration

Smartabase serves as a hub for your entire performance, medical, and coaching staff. Get a 360° view of your athletes so your staff, coaches, and players can make better decisions that drive performance and increase availability. 

Flexible Metrics

Use the metrics and calculations your staff decides are the most effective for each sport, strategy, and culture. 

Custom Dashboards & Reports

Get your staff, coaches, and athletes on the same page by providing access to timely and relevant performance, health, and medical data.

Mobile Apps

Empower your players and staff by putting relevant information in the hands of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Smartabase Dashboard Builder

Popular Integrations

texas am for case study

University of Texas Athletics

“We derive tremendous value from having all student-athlete performance and health information in one place. This helps all the practitioners stay on the same page and ultimately benefits our student-athletes and how we provide care to them.”

— Travis Vlantes, Director of Applied Sports Science, University of Texas
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