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The Benefits to Your Team

Customize to fit your layered and distributed structure, and unique medical and performance requirements across all sports and teams.

Monitor performance, collaborate with practitioners, and deliver personalized support to your athletes during training cycles wherever they are.

Define and capture sport-specific metrics, build custom dashboards, and create personalized views for specific teams, roles, and users. 

Scale for Your Olympic Organization or National Governing Body

Multi-sport, multi-disciplinary performance organizations can be complex. Configure Smartabase to fit your unique structure, individual sport or team processes, and medical and performance staff needs. 

Create parent- and child-sites and configure robust group/role permissions to support each sport while centralizing your data and leveraging best practices across your organization.
As an integrated Athlete Management System (AMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, Smartabase supports your medical and performance staff in a single, centralized solution.
Use the metrics and calculations your staff decides are the most effective for each sport and quickly analyze and present all your data directly in Smartabase. For more sophisticated modeling and analysis, easily integrate with your preferred analytics tools.
Smartabase AMS

Enable Remote Training

Stay connected with your athletes and staff throughout their training cycles, regardless of where, when, and with whom they train. Easily capture subjective and objective data through forms, wearables, and other tech integrations.

Mobile Apps

Empower your athletes, coaches, and performance staff by putting relevant information in the hands of the right people wherever and whenever they train.

Robust Integration

Easily centralize data from third-party devices, wearables, apps, and other data management systems.

Custom Forms

Streamline data capture from screenings, athlete questionnaires, performance interventions, and more using custom and mobile-friendly digital forms.


Set thresholds and customize triggers to send reminders and alerts to athletes, coaches, and staff.

Curate the Experience

Help your multidisciplinary performance staff deliver world-class care to your athletes by providing a solution that supports their unique processes and presents data relevant to their specific sport, role, and purpose. 

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Sport-specific Metrics

Define the metrics (and underlying calculations) your staff determines is the most relevant to reduce injury and drive performance for a given sport.


Custom Workflows

Allow each of your sports, teams, and practitioners to work the way they want to with flexible workflows that automate your data management processes from end to end.

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Personalized Dashboards & Reports

Get your staff, coaches, and athletes on the same page by providing timely and personalized views of performance, health, and medical data.

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What Our Clients Say

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Australian Institute of Sport

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Since 2013, the AIS has successfully transformed their culture around data and outcomes for athletes, especially in the prevention of injuries. Across the board they’ve seen a 30-40% decrease in injuries, with some squads as high as 90% down in injuries annually. Learn how the AIS transformed their data culture and reduced injuries through the implementation of a nationwide Athlete Management System.

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