LSU Football


See how some of the most respected organizations around the world use Smartabase to optimize performance and enable injury risk management.

LSU Football

LSU Football

See how LSU football has deployed Smartabase in innovative ways to engage athletes and coaches with the goal of graduating champions.
Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia

See how Surfing Australia is using Smartabase to deliver more personalized athlete development programs and improve communication with staff.
Diving Australia

Diving Australia

See how Diving Australia uses Smartabase to improve load management + injury monitoring and standardize data collection.
Overtime Elite

Overtime Elite

See how the innovative basketball league, Overtime Elite (OTE), uses Smartabase as an EMR + AMS to manage operations and optimize performance.


See how ALBA BERLIN relies on Smartabase to support scouting, player development, load management, practice planning, scheduling, and more.
Queensland Rugby League

Queensland Rugby League

In addition to optimizing athlete performance, Queensland Rugby League uses Smartabase to build fiscal responsibility and manage concussions.
University of Texas Athletics header 1

Texas Athletics

The University of Texas at Austin elevates athlete performance, recovery, & health by applying a cohesive approach to performance management.
royal antwerp football club

Royal Antwerp Football Club

Smartabase succeeds for the Royal Antwerp Football Club, streamlining efficient & accurate data capture & producing useful reports for staff.
UFC Performance Institute

UFC Performance Institute

Smartabase orchestrates interdisciplinary optimization at the UFC Performance Institute to increase the probability of a fighter’s success.
North Melbourne FC

North Melbourne Football Club

See how North Melbourne Football Club is using Smartabase to help build a culture of sustained excellence in the AFL.
DEVCOM Solider Center

DEVCOM Solider Center & MRDC: Optimizing the Human Weapon System

DEVCOM Solider Center & MRDC are optimizing the human weapon system, using Smartabase for illness monitoring and mitigation among soldiers.
Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Institute of Sport implemented a nationwide athlete management system; it transformed its data culture and reduced injuries.
firefighter health

Santa Ana College Fire Technology

Santa Ana College Fire Technology continues addressing and removing barriers to firefighter health and wellness with Smartabase.
Denver Nuggets accelerate performance

Denver Nuggets

Smartabase software is the secret weapon helping pro sports teams accelerate performance, including the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.
forefront of human performance

Air Force Research Laboratory

Air Force Research Laboratory stays at the forefront of human performance with mobile fitness applications and prediction analytics.
performance optimization strategies

West Coast Eagles

The West Coast Eagles used data aggregated to analyze stats and devise performance optimization strategies that helped win a championship.
medical data for athletes

U.S. Ski & Snowboard

U.S. Ski & Snowboard aligns performance & medical data for athletes across seven sports in the Smartabase Electronic Medical Records System.
software for college sports

Northwestern University

At Northwestern University, Smartabase connects the data on sports medicine, sports performance, sports nutrition, coaches, and athletes.
iStock 157729057 scaled 1

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon centralizes data and decision-making and collates, analyzes, and provides automated reports to 15 sports.
queensland ballet

Queensland Ballet

Smartabase helps manage world-class artistic athletes at the Queensland Ballet, ensuring dancer wellbeing and prolonging careers.
load monitoring

The Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet manages medical profiling, load monitoring, scheduling, and injury risk data for 97 world-class artistic athletes.