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From Building Fiscal Responsibility to Managing Concussions

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 Queensland Rugby League (QRL) is the governing body for the game of rugby league in Queensland. QRL contributes to the development of talented players and provides participation pathways for all from the grassroots to elite level. It also manages the Queensland Maroons. David Maiden serves as QRL’s Major Competitions Manager and Dion Haddad is the Competitions & Innovation Coordinator. 

“Using Smartabase has created more efficiency, transparency, and trust within our network. As a one-stop hub for us and our clubs, we’ve enabled data-informed decisions that help clubs deliver better care to their athletes and operate in a financially sustainable manner."
Dion Haddad
Competitions & Innovation Coordinator, QRL

Key Takeaways


The Opportunity

With 15 major clubs, an extensive juniors program, and teams from each area, QRL supports a large number of players, coaches, and administrators across a wide geographical area. QRL helps clubs take care of their athletes on and off the field and provides the framework for sound and sustainable club administration and fiscal responsibility. While they selected Smartabase to replace a concussion system that wasn’t meeting expectations, QRL’s staff was delighted to realize the platform could deliver efficiencies for operations too. 

The challenge

The Challenge

The expanse of QRL’s responsibilities was the primary hurdle in centralizing the data and automating the process. Much of QRL’s operational data was stored in Excel spreadsheets and sent back and forth to clubs via email. In addition to creating data silos, it also resulted in an endless and time-consuming communication process and delays in approvals. On the player management side, entering information in the prior concussion system was clunky for physicians to use and had poor customer support. 

Solution 1

The Solution

QRL chose Smartabase to replace their existing concussion management system and optimize multiple fiscal and administrative workflows involving both the governing body and the clubs. In the back office, Smartabase serves as the central hub for contracts, salary caps, travel schedules, player rosters, and more. On the field, physicians utilize Smartabase to capture data on player concussions, list acute diagnosis, and indicate whether they need to enter QRL’s return-to-play protocol. 


The Impact

For player care and performance, Smartabase has made it easier for physicians to record the required concussion management data. It also enables QRL and club staff to keep track of each player’s status as they move through the return-to-play protocols. On the operations side, Smartabase has streamlined communication and improved collaboration with clubs across the state. Having a single data platform makes it easier for information to flow back and forth seamlessly and helps teams practice sound financial management. 

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