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Oregon is a Division 1 College in the USA and a member of the Pac 12 competition. The Oregon Ducks football team won the 2019 Pac 12 Championship, Men’s Basketball won the 18 – 19 Pac 12 Tournament, and the Women’s Basketball team topped the 2018 – 2019 regular season!


Andrew Murray former Director of Performance and Sport Science at the University of Oregon expanded on the university’s experience centralizing data at the university and shared how they collate, analyze and provide automated reports to 15 sports through the use of Smartabase and PowerBI.

Centralized Decision Making

“The purpose of my role is trying to use data for the correct purpose, and have centralized decision making.”

To do this, former Head of Performance and Sport Science at the University of Oregon Andrew Murray implemented Smartabase to centralize student athletes performance data. Ultimately his goal was to assist the high performance team and coaches in working from the same system for decision making, and defining a performance model they can all understand and work towards.

In doing so, the University of Oregon are able to identify any discrepancies or issues pertaining to individuals or groups of athletes, and use that information to improve those areas that contribute to performance.

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Data Integration

One of the key features of the Smartabase AMS is the ability to directly integrate with a multitude of technologies. For the University of Oregon this is critical, with so many different tools and technologies being used across the different sports.

Smartabase automates the collection of data from these technologies, collecting the various data points to be combined and analyzed together in order to produce clearly defined, actionable insights for coaches and performance staff.

“There’s no double touching of information, no manual entry, everything is taken care of… the ability to get information into the system is excellent, really easy, really good to be able to aggregate everything together.” – Andrew Murray

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Data Visualization

The final piece of the puzzle in collecting and analyzing data is the way that it is visualized to be used by performance staff and coaches. Data Visualization is critical to ensuring data is easy to digest and understand, transforming numbers on a screen into usable information.

The example on the right is of an injury surveillance dashboard, where information on injuries is visualized in Smartabase to assist staff in visualizing when, where and what types of injuries occurred. Understanding that is the first step toward understanding WHY an injury has occurred and what measures could be taken in future to lower the risk of the injury occurring again.

This is just one example of the many types of data visualizations and dashboards that Oregon use within Smartabase to report on health and performance. These reports are updated in real time as the data feeds into Smartabase, can be configured and changed at any time and – possibly the most critical – they can be turned into pdfs that are automatically sent out to coaches to assist in decision making for training and games.

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