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Data Visualization


The Smartabase Dashboard Builder

The Smartabase Dashboard Builder empowers you to leverage the full scope of your aggregated data, explore relationships between data sets, and ultimately make better decisions to optimize performance and reduce injury.

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Native Performance

Seamlessly embedded and responsive to all desktop and mobile devices, your dashboards are available anywhere, anytime, and fully protected by Smartabase security.

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Unlimited Data Combinations

Combine any data from any data source to gain a truly multidisciplinary view and identify important data relationships. Combine multiple data sets in a visualization any way you like.

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Intuitive Configuration Tools

Build stunning visualizations in a simple drag and drop interface and change them live any time. Warning, it can be quite addictive!

Integrate with Other Analytics Tools

We realize the benefits and familiarity of other tools which is why we have an open and integrated philosophy. The Smartabase SQL Analytics Connector converts your Smartabase data into a simple format optimized for use with third-party tools and allows Smartabase to plug-in seamlessly to your organization’s wider database environment.

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