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Benefits to Your Organization

  • Support Throughout the Service Member Lifecycle
  • Engage Service Members & Leadership
  • Drive Human Performance Program Accountability 

Support Throughout the Service Member Lifecycle

The Smartabase Military HPO Solution was driven by the needs of leading military organizations. Easily collect, centralize, and analyze your data throughout a service member’s lifecycle. Use personalized dashboards to present the data to all stakeholders and quickly action insights with custom notifications and alerts.


Effectively select recruits by identifying common characteristics of the most successful candidates. Help candidates prepare for fitness tests by providing individualized programming.


Move candidates through the pipeline quicker, increase graduation rates, and minimize force attrition by providing personalized programming and timely interventions to those at risk of injury or performance failure. 

Active Duty

Increase training and deployment availability by reducing physical and mental injuries, speeding time to return, and improving resiliency. Track factors that contribute to injury, create custom Injury Risk Profiles specific to your environment, and flag individuals so timely interventions can be delivered.


Improve the overall quality of life for those who have served their country. Easily identify common physical and mental health risk factors among veterans and provide access to care and support.

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The Impact

terms of service


reduction in
days between courses

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increase in
graduation rates

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reduction of
avoidable injuries

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reduction of
off-duty days

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Engage Service Members & Leadership

Get buy-in from service members and leadership for your performance initiatives. Maximize your human performance staff’s time interacting with service members to provide health and fitness programs. Use role-based permissions and custom dashboards to share data with leadership, staff, and service members to inform decision-making. 

  • Streamline data entry and automate workflows.
    Provide real-time insights and critical context to all stakeholders.
  • Push data to service members to help guide behavior.
  • Improve performance staff effectiveness with targeted intervention insights.

Drive Program Accountability

Demonstrate the impact of your human performance program to military leadership and civilian oversight bodies to ensure the funding you need continues. Control access to and analyze data at an individual, group, or organization level.

  • Track resource utilization to understand what facilities and services are being used.
  • Monitor compliance with performance directives such as Holistic Health & Fitness (H2F) or Preservation of The Force and Family (POTFF).
  • Measure and report on your program’s impact on force readiness and capability.
3 Accountability

Popular Integrations

Smartabase Clearinghouse

Smartabase Clearinghouse

At the heart of the Smartabase Military HPO Solution is the new Clearinghouse that will allow military clients to securely capture data from consumer wearables like Oura, Polar, and Garmin. Hosted by AWS GovCloud and NIPRNet, the Clearinghouse will safely and anonymously pass human performance data from commercial networks to military networks and is designed to operate simultaneously at the U.S. Department of Defense Impact Level 2 (IL2) and Impact Level 5 (IL5).

Military-Grade Security

Smartabase has received clearance to operate at Impact Level 5 (IL-5), is HIPAA compliant, ISO and SOC 2 Certified.

SOC for Service Organizations
ISO 27001:2013
ISO 27701:2019
Open Web Application Security Project Top 10
hipaa compliant
GDPR ready
devcom for case study

Devcom Soldier Center & MRDc

“We rapidly deployed a human performance solution that’s flexible, scalable, and integrates with the wearables we’re using today and may utilize in the future.”

— Joseph Patterson, Soldier Performance Strategist, CCDC Soldier Center
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