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Orchestrating an Interdisciplinary Approach to Performance Optimization

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The UFC Performance Institute (UFCPI) represents a truly unique business model in the sports industry, providing unmatched resources and support to approximately 600 active fighters around the world. Located in Las Vegas and Shanghai, the institute is a “global destination in high performance for MMA,” offering a range of interdisciplinary services, education, and access to the latest sport science and technology to fighters and their coaches.

Every fighter under the UFC umbrella can visit the UFC Performance Institute whenever they need – to make weight for an upcoming fight, recover from injury, or simply take advantage of their world-class facilities and services while in Las Vegas or Shanghai. The moment a fighter walks through the door of the UFCPI, they’re treated to a high-end experience with access to the latest tech and some of the most respected performance practitioners in the industry.

“We wanted to work with ambitious people willing to break out of the typical pro sports model, quickly experiment and adapt, and build something unlike anything else in the industry.”
Duncan French
VP of Performance, UFC Performance Institute

Key Takeaways


The Opportunity

To help orchestrate an interdisciplinary approach to human performance optimization, UFCPI leadership wanted to better understand how fighters were utilizing their facility and services. With the right data and systems, they believed they could make better decisions about how to evolve the UFCPI and demonstrate the value of training at the Institute to stakeholders and UFC fighters.

The challenge

The Challenge

The UFC Performance Institute operated in a dynamic environment providing personalized care to approximately 600 active fighters around the world at any given time. Flexibility and scalability were a must. To achieve their vision, the UFCPI had to find the right human performance platform and collaborative partner.

Solution 1

The Solution

Smartabase was the chosen solution to serve as the UFCPI’s integrated AMS & EMR. Flexible and mobile forms and custom workflows helped streamline their unique processes and standardize data capture to enable effective analysis. Role-based and visual dashboards presented real-time data to staff and leadership while fighters and coaches can access their data from anywhere with the app.


The Impact

UFCPI leadership is empowered to make data-informed budgetary decisions and justify continued investment in its facility and services. Performance staff now has a 360˚­­ multidisciplinary view of fighters. With centralized and usable historical data, they can ask and answer new questions that help them improve treatment and better understand typical MMA fighter injuries and recovery times.

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