West Coast Eagles

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The West Coast Eagles are an Australian Rules Football (AFL) team based in Perth, Australia. The club was formed in 1987 and competes in the Australian Football League. The Eagles have achieved remarkable success throughout four decades in the highest level of football in Australia winning four premierships.

The West Coast Eagles use Smartabase to help distinguish the great strategies from the good using data aggregated in the platform to critically analyze player and team success.


Do a few things brilliantly well rather than try to cover everything. This is the ‘Hedgehog Principle’ as explored in the book Good to Great, which calls on the power of simplicity to elevate the chances of success. In this session, Glenn Stewart High Performance Manager at the West Coast Eagles, took the 2019 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference audience through this Hedgehog mindset for sport and the high performance strategies that led to his team the West Coast Eagles winning the 2018 Australian Football League Premiership. He explores the four things the high-performance unit chose to do exceptionally well, and how they distinguished the great strategies from the good using data aggregated in Smartabase to critically analyze what related to player and team success.

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