Major General Jeff Sengelman (rtd) Joins Fusion Sport Board of Directors


Fusion Sport is honored to welcome Major General (rtd) Jeff Sengelman to the company’s Board of Directors. Sengelman began serving as Chairman Elect on August 10, 2021 and has already had an immediate impact on the company’s growth and direction.

What you need to know about Sengelman is that he’s not easily impressed and has spent much of his life earning trust, striving for, and achieving excellence. And so it was when he went to meet Markus Deutsch, CEO of Fusion Sport, for lunch to discuss the idea of joining the board.

Sengelman’s noteworthy military credentials, valuable global connections, unparalleled access, and first-rate knowledge of national security organizations make him a desirable target for companies selling into the military. He had turned down 90% of the opportunities that came his way since retiring from the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

As such, Sengelman quietly expected Fusion Sport to land in his “thanks but no thanks” pile. But he agreed to meet with Deutsch and learn more.

“About 15 minutes into talking with Markus, I realized Fusion Sport is all about how technology and people come together to realize full human potential,” recalls Sengelman. “My background has always been about working with people and helping them be their best and achieve the extraordinary. Suddenly, my moderate expectations of our meeting transitioned into enthusiasm as we explored what we could achieve together.”

Having previously headed all Modernization and Future Capability efforts and launching the Human Performance Program in the Australian Army, Sengelman felt he could make a unique contribution to the Fusion Sport board. Deutsch couldn’t agree more.

“What excites me most is his vision for how our work in the military space can help us achieve our goal of impacting the lives of 10 million humans by 2028,” said Deutsch. “He’s ready to roll-up his sleeves and be a part of the team to help us do that, which is rare for a board member.”

When asked about the impact Sengelman’s involvement will have, Deutsch said, “On a practical level, and most immediately, he’ll give us insight to the inner workings of the military and how to best support their needs. But more importantly, Jeff’s a transformational leader of integrity and moral courage. We have some audacious goals for growth that go well beyond the Defense sector. I expect him to challenge us in all the right ways, guide us through the ‘hard yards’, and help us deliver on the promise of human performance optimization.”

Military organizations in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia have already partnered with Fusion Sport to support various human performance initiatives. For existing and prospective clients, Sengelman’s addition to the board couldn’t come at a better time. As the military expands its efforts to implement a holistic approach to health and fitness, Sengelman’s track record and knack for spurring bold change on a massive scale will prove invaluable.

Sengelman joins an experienced and accomplished Board of Directors at Fusion Sport, including Adrian DiMarco, Founder and Executive Chairman of Technology One, Australia’s most successful Enterprise Software company, Howard Liebman, Co-Founder and Principal at Equity Venture Partners, Ces Luscombe, Former RAAF engineer and early investor in Fusion, and Ross McKinnon, serial Entrepreneur and former CIO of Michael Hill jewelers.

This distinguished board has helped Fusion Sport realize 60% average revenue growth YOY. All signs point to this trend continuing through 2022 with notable wins in the pro sports and military markets including the Jacksonville Jaguars, LA Kings, Netherlands Olympic Committee, AS Monaco, Australian Special Forces, SOCOM, and USAF Air Combat Command. To support their global growth, Fusion Sport aims to attract top-talent and increase staff by 35% across their Brisbane, Colorado, London, and Amsterdam locations.



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